No Pranablem 0: What's this about?

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What can I expect?

In every occasional email, you’ll get my thoughts and a few links around topics loosely in the categories of wellness, thinking, and personal development. My goal is to make things simple, insightful, and practical. If you like Wait But Why, Mark Manson, or Deep Dish, you’ll probably enjoy this!

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Why are you writing?

There are 3 main reasons why I’m doing this:

1. Consumption -> Creation

Listening to a 2 hour podcast or going down a youtube intellectual rabbit hole is my idea of a good time. While that’s great and all, I realized that an even better way to learn was to create in addition to consume.

By writing, I hope to synthesize learnings together from a broad range of topics (e.g. meditation, lifestyle design, buddhism, mental models, business, etc) with the general goal of making it digestible, understandable, and actionable!

2. Learning in Public

There are some cool benefits in being a bit more public about what you’re learning about. For me, it revolves around a few key points:

  1. The best teachers are often recent students. By taking a “snapshot” of my insights in that moment, it’ll be easier to access that beginners mind.

  2. As we get older we both silo and forget about old concepts. Publicizing helps in “building a second brain” of ideas.

  3. I’m tryna make some friends!

3. Helping Others Live Better

I think that our lives get better the more our actions and beliefs are more aligned with reality. The deeper we understand ourselves and the world, the more we can do the “right” thing in each moment, leading to a life that’s more wise, calm, compassionate, and successful.

I’ll do my best to make my writing simple, helpful, and actionable. And of course, you’ll get the same dumb jokes and bad puns you might get if you’ve spent more than a millisecond with me.